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Darrell Grey

Mighty Grip Talc

Do you have a problem with your sticks slipping out of your hands while playing? Mighty Grip, a fine talcum like powder, which when applied to hands forms a non-slip barrier on the hands no matter what you may wish to grip. It's used in sports such as Baseball, Racket ball and Rock climbing.

As a drummer I have always had a problem with sticks sliding out of my hand. I like to have a loose grip on my sticks so this occurs a lot. So I thought about trying Mighty Grip while I play drums, hoping it would help me hold on to my sticks. I tried a little during rehearsal and I noticed the difference right away. It really helps with my grip which also helps with stick control. While using it I worried less about losing sticks. Not one stick flew out of my hands during rehearsal. For me that's pretty good, considering I usually lay a stack of sticks next to my floor tom just in case. But the real test was during a gig with all the lights, sweat in the air, and nervousness. It doesn't matter the stuff still works with sweaty palms. Believe me! I sweat like a pig and I held onto the same pair of sticks during our whole set. I recommend this stuff to any drummers with this problem. It's low cost and you can get it at any GI JOES or FRED MEYER. Also check out www.mightygrip.com for more information.

- DG

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