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Aztec Drum Company
White Ash Burl
14 in. Dia. 10 in. Depth
6 ply 6mm thick
Shell 5 ply maple. White ash burl outer ply
Rims-10 lug 2.33 mm
Snare-dual adj.24 strand
Heads-Aquarian (of course!!!!!)
Finish-20 coats lacquer
Lugs-20 mini lugs
Strainer-lever action fine adj.

The first impression a person gets when looking at this drum is that one is looking at a piece of fine craftsmanship and the product of a highly skilled Artisan/Woodworker. The quality of this drum virtually matches the quality of any of the major drum manufacturers top-line/Pro-level snare drum models.

It is clear that the highest quality of craftsmanship was used in the construction of this musical instrument. The bonding of the two types of wood is completely perfect, and top of the line bearing edge work allows the head to sit nicely on the drum. The mounting of 10 lugs on both the ceiling and floor of the drum is not a small task, but the Drum smiths at Aztec Drums make it look easy, and with 20 lugs, this is one of most tunable drums this drummer has ever encountered. The choice of using a 24 strand snare was the manufacturers, and it was clearly the best choice, adding to the overall projection and tunability of the drum. A high quality lacquer finish protects the wood and gives the drum a warm "glow"

Built to custom specifications, this drum was originally designed as a variation on the marching drum theme. BIG, Yes!! But not absurdly oversized (due to Aztecs wise decision to use mini-lugs), Rugged, yet still visually appealing, this drum serves as a testimony to the Aztec Drum companies ability to maintain the often precarious marriage of durability and aesthetic sensiblility.

The most important thing after construction quality is (of course!!) the overall sound of a drum, and THIS DRUM SOUNDZ INCREDIBLE. Talk about "Thwack" "Crack", "BBBBBBuuzzzzzzzzzzzzz", this drum projects, this drum cuts through, even with minimal playing force.
This drum has an incredible range of timbres, whether it is tuned tight and way up high, or all loose and "dead" sounding. Rimshots ring out louder and clearer than ever on this drum. And possibly best of All, is that even though this drum was designed as a "marching" type of snare, light brush work comes through loud and clear, not an easy task for most deep snare drums.
Both Rock and Jazz drummers could use and appreciate this drum.

Watch out Ayotte, Watch out Orange County Percussion, there is a new custom Drum Maker out West, look out for Aztec Drums coming to a stage or retailer near you!!!!!!

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