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I never really liked the idea of tuning my drums. Recently, however, I started to tune up before going into the studio and became frustrated. This flashed a memory of being in the drum store and seeing a gadget that would help me through this. This was the Tama Tension Watch and I soon found out that it was worth all $70 that I laid down for it. It has a highly sensitive tension meter designed to check and maintain your drum tuning. It measures the actual head tension which leads to precision tuning and great sounding drums. I could not believe the tone my drums had after tuning up with the Tension Watch. Also, after getting the sound I liked I recorded the numbers from the meter so I can duplicate them again and again. This tool has made my tuning much easier and my drums sound better than ever. So, when Tama says, "Tension Watch lets you spend more time playing and less time tuning" believe them.

How To Use the Tension Watch:
1. To calibrate, place the Tension Watch on a hard surface such as a mirror and set the dial to zero.
2. Place the drum on a level surface and tighten the tension bolts to the approximate desired sound.
3. Carefully place the Tension Watch on the head about 1/2 inch away from the tension bolt. The value on the meter now shows the tension on the head.
4. Tune the other bolts to the same value.
5. Once you achieve the desired sound, record the number for future reference.