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If you would like to post a message under one of our classified categories e-mail us at aarongrey@seattledrummer.com. Include the content of your ad, contact information, and specify which category you would like it placed under. Thats all you have to do!

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Musicians Available

Classic Rock Drummer Available---Lead & back-up vocals
Jim Jones Seeking other mature like-minded musicians. Two or three shows a month. Once or twice a week rehearsals. 40+ years experience. In the pocket drummer---Great meter. Influences: Charlie Watts, Ringo Star, Simon Kirke, Don Henley, Phil Collins. And, as usual, The drummer has a van.
John Jones
HOME (425)514-8311
CELL (206)459-8178

posted: 9/18/06

  Endorsed Drummer Looking for Full Time Band...
Hey this is Wes Keely, Drummer and I am looking for a full time band to Tour, Record, Play with. I am 27 (look about 21/22) with 13 years drumming and 11 years touring recording experience. I currently have several endorsements which follow me every I go. I am endorsed by C&C Custom Drums, Silverfox Drum Sticks, Attack Drum Heads, Istanbul Cymbals, Universal Percussion, and Axis Pedals. I have played and toured in several different bands with varying styles, Punk Rock, Hardcore, Metal, Rock, Emo and more. I just finished some tours and recordings with a smaller band from the midwest that I started with friends called The Famed, that's done. As of now I am currently looking for a new band, SO if you are in a Band that is touring (or will be touring soon), and has things going (no start up bands) please drop me an email when you get a chance, there are some links below for more on me.. Wes@thefamed
- http://www.thefamed.com
- http://www.myspace.com/xwesx
- http://www.myspace.com/xweskeelyx
- http://www.myspace.com/thefamed
- http://www.myspace.com/xtakingthedivex
- Google Search on me.
http://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=wes+keely&ie=UTF-8&oe=UT F-8
---- ENDORSERS--------
- http://www.candccustomdrums.com
- http://www.silverfox.com
- http://www.universalpercussion.com
- http://www.axispercussion.com
- http://www.universalpercussion.com
- http://www.istanbulcymbals.com

posted: 03/22/06

  Pro Drummer Available for professional and Paying Gigs only
- Rock/Funk/Blues/R&B
- Strong presence
- Solid unwavering meter – like a clock
- Simple and powerful
- Not tardy – reliable/dependable
- Haul my own gear with own transport
- No BS, drama, drugs or drunks please – serious need only apply
- Experienced live and in the studio as drummer and vocalist
Gear - Gretsch Maple Kit - for live performances (dark sunburst) - Ambassador coated (top heads) and Evans clear single ply (bottom heads)
- Premier Birch Kit - for rehearsal (silver)
- Sabian/Paiste/Zildjian cymbals
- Double-bass pedals
- Sure in-ear vocal monitor system
- Sure headset microphone
- Various percussion
Some of my favorite drummers:
- Billy Cobham
- Ringo Star
- Phil Collins
- Dave Weckl
- Billy Ward
- Steve Gadd
- Neil Peart
- Others...

  Contact carl@jamdawgs.com or at 425.864.1156 to connect.
posted: 6/7/05

  Drummer, Bellingham/Seattle area.
Heavy-Hitter, 30 years old, mucho songwriting and performing experience, seeks professional caliber gig. Professional attitude and good vibes. Ramones, QOTSA, Radiohead, Nick Cave, Mars Volta, DJ Shadow, Stooges, Bowie, Beta Band, Frusciante/Peppers Email: patrickgreenberg@yahoo.com
posted: 04/27/05

I'm seeking a Pop Punk or Pop Rock band on the Eastside. 4 years guitar exp . Lifetime exp in Music and other instruments. Quality gear and Transpo. Wireless set up, harmony vox abilities also. Hungry to learn all aspects of guitar. Influence include: Face to Face, Rancid, Sum41, Weezer, Foo Fighters. Contact johnny @ johnnyo@verizon.net
posted: 3/21/05

  Blues Drummer Available
Blues drummer looking to form or join a blues roots rock band.Have trans and kit ready to rock drop me a line at sticks1958@lycos.com
posted: 2/28/05

  Experienced Drummer Available
Seattle area Drummer with 18 years exp available for session/live fill in projects. Please visit my website for mp3's and pics.

posted: 1/08/05

  Vocalist Available
Exp'd Hard Rock Vocalist seeking others to jam and do gigs with. Everett Area. Wide vocal range and loves writing lyrics. Can sing and be really heavy stopping just short of death metal. Some of many influences include: The Deftones, Alice In Chains, SexArt, Pantera, Deadsy, The Melvins, Korn, Tool, The Doors, Adema, Soundgarden, Pink Floyd, System Of A Down, and White Zombie. Email, if interested. MakeBelieveTrash@aol.com
posted: 1/08/05

  Drummer Available
Drummer in Renton, Wa. with Pearl Masters Drums and Zildjian cymbals, looking for established bands who play the following: Smooth Jazz, Soul, Funk, Country, Latin, Top 40, for weekend gigs only, not looking to quit my job. Just want to play with others who want to have fun and get along, no attitudes or egos PLEASE. Am looking for people over the age of 40 and older. Also, am looking for Native American Musicians also, I am Mexican-Native American. You can call me at 425-271-5834 or email me at: gnacastellano@hotmail.com
posted: 12/13/04


Musicians Wanted

Musicians Wanted:
Wanted: Percussionist with flair for jazz and funk Gifted bassist (upright and 6 string electric) and sparkling vocalist are branching out to do original funk, groove oriented music with jazz sensibilities threading through. We've been working very hard, layering some interesting (old and new) things together and we are now looking for a drummer with a deep groove and great hands to record (asap) and play out. If you’d like to hear samples of us performing basic jazz standards with our "other" gigging band, please visit the website below for sound clips. We are professionals (in our thirties), personable, anxious to deliver and awaiting your call. Bonus points if you're in the North Seattle to Everett corridor.
Contact Beth at bgaliardi@blarg.net or visit our "other" band’s website http://cdbaby.com/cd/threetilmidnight
posted: 10/03/06

  Need Christian Drummer for Chasing Last Place Band
CHASING LAST PLACE, a new alternative rock band in the Seattle area, is seeking a GREAT DRUMMER with excellent chops and strong sense of reliability. Needs to be willing to travel the local Northwest area a couple times a month for weekend gigs in churches and organizations and possibly further as band gains exposure, CD release, or radio play. Needs to be interested and committed to the bands cause and partnership with a specific charitable organization.
If you think you can help take this band where they want to go, contact them as soon as possible because they are moving forward and want to audition and choose the perfect drummer quickly. Check CLP’s myspace music profile to read about the latest developments. More information and music samples can be provided upon your request.
Income to be determined by the success of the band.
Contact Email: jaredburns@hotmail.com
Contact Phone: (206) 914-0318
Band Email: chasinglastplace@hotmail.com
Myspace Music: www.myspace.com/chasinglastplace

posted: 09/18/06

  Drummer wanted for original indie rock band
For gigs and recording, all original songs. Check out our site at www.missionaryband.com and/or www.myspace.com/missionary

  Email abc@missionaryband.com
posted: 9/18/06


Gear for Sale

Thumper Custom Drums
At Thumper we provide custom drums, made to order. Our custom maple snares and kits are available in limited numbers, as they are all individually handcrafted. We also provide professional drum repair services, including recovering, stains & oils and bearing edges.
Check us out at www.thumperdrums.com
posted: 9/18/06

  Rocken Wrap Your Drums
Learn More About Rocken Wraps

posted 9/12/06

  African djembe drums for less
African djembe drums, quality handmade ethnic percussion. Large size Djembe, Kpanlogo, Bougarabou super sale. Free shipping. Direct producers.
posted: 9/12/06

  Djembe african drums
Djembe african drums. Handmade ethnic percussion. Large size Djembe, Kpanlogo, Bougarabou super sale. Free shipping. Direct producers.
posted 9/12/06

  Hand Crafted Drums For Sale
Hand crafted ashikos, djun djuns, and frame drums. Repairs on most any type of drum.
Web site at www.slaphappydrums.com.
contact: cello@slaphappydrums.com



DRUM LESSONS (Redmond/MS Campus)
– All Ages - Beginners to Pro-
****First ½ hour Lesson FREE **** 15/30/60 minute lessons
Learn more at www.nedzeppelin.com
Contact Ned at 425 577 4777 or ned.zeppelin@hotmail.com

posted: 10/03/06

DRUM LESSONS for students of all ages in Edmonds/Lynnwood/Mukilteo/Everett area. Instructor has 40 years playing experience and 5 years teaching experience. Now taking new students for all styles and levels. Come let me show you the joy of drumming. Very reasonable rates and relaxed studio. Call: 425-742-6955 or email: zleebo@yahoo.com for info and check out my website at http://home.earthlink.net/~zleebo/
posted: 9/18/06

  Conga Teacher
Pearl Percussion Artist "JC" Johnny Conga is available for bands, recordings,tours,rhythmic arranging, teaching, etc...Many years of experience in many "styles". Contact at johnnyconga@hotmail.com. I also have "cartage" thru Pearl Drum Co. for tours. For more Info just Google-Johnny Conga....Thank you.."JC" Johnny Conga..
posted: 9/18/06

  DRUM LESSONS (Greater Seattle Area)
Top pro studio drummer now accepting students 8 - 80. A clinician and endorser for several drum companies, I teach out of a local drum shop (a convenient location for most) and am great with kids, having taught scores of young students for many years. I am a father of a young child, myself. My teaching approach is friendly and the course material is customized to each student. I love having students that are interested and alert and looking forward to reaching their musical goals.
You can reach me on my cell: (206) 769-1365.
posted: 03/22/06

  Drumset Connect
is a global percussion resource and network loaded with everything drum related, from forums and chat to articles, reviews, tabs, and multimedia. Make your contributions to the world of drums by sharing your percussion wisdom and helping beginners to learn the ropes and gain experience. You can also download drum videos, sounds, and pictures, keep a journal of your progress, play games in the arcade, or show off your hot new drum kits. Drumset Connect is your number one connection and resource on the net for drums.
posted: 8/16/05

  Looking for a Musician, Teacher or Band
If you are a musician, teacher or in a band, let bAREbONZ list your talents for free. Create you own profile from an exhaustive list of styles and instruments to choose from, plus have complete control over your information. From aliasing to message forwarding to website listings. All of this and more for FREE at bAREbONZ!
posted: 3/29/05

  Looking for others to play with?
Check out BandsForBands.com and live the dream
posted: 2/25/05

  African Craft Items for less!!

  - Ultimate resource for African craft, interior décor and Educational materials.

  Contact: info@afromart.net
posted: 1/21/05

  The Drum Junction
Uniting the pulse of today's drummers. Discover our authentic blend of insight and opportunity when you search for a drum teacher, get advice from the pros, or study the FREE Drum Lessons!
posted: 12/12/04

  African Arts and Crafts

- Ultimate resource for African Arts and Crafts and Educational materials. posted: 12/2/04


TAXI is the leading independent A&R company helping unsigned bands, artists and songwriters get record deals, publishing deals and placement in films and TV shows.

Drum Instructional Material and Web Reference
If you would like more info about playing drum-kit, congas, hand drums & percussion, timbales, & mallet-keyboards. Checkout www.Voyce3.com.
posted: 05/07/04

  Cymbalism Music
At Cymbalism Music we carry Meinl, Paiste, Wuhan, Istanbul Agop and Mehmet cymbals as well as Ddrum electronic percussion at the absolute best prices. Check us out we're run by drummers for drummers.
The most unique little drum shop online has a very specific line of only the finest cymbals and electronic drums at unbelievable prices. Very cool.
Check it out at http://www.cymbalismmusic.net
posted: 07/15/03

  Guitar Teacher
Taught by a GIT graduate, I specialize in mainly rock/metal. My rates are 20 bucks per hour, and I teach from my house privately. You can get an idea of my abilities and other qualifications by hearing some stuff I've done in the past year or so at the following site: http://artists.iuma.com/IUMA/Bands/Sleep_Terror/
posted: 6/19/03

  Drummer's Evolution Private Lessons Studio
Drummer's Evolution is the first work in progress of The MUSICIAN'S EVOLUTION Music Studios.
For more information visit http://www.drummersevolution.com/ or contact GREG DANA at 425-260-9144 * 360-668-3067 or email him at DrummersEvolution@juno.com
posted: 04/03/03

Seattle, WA - Kent (West Hill)
I have played drums and percussion for bands for 20 years. My focus is percussion. I have all the equipment to train in my home those wishing to learn and improve. Contact me Soon and Lets Work Out a Schedule! Rates are Flexible.
AJ Woodall --
206-870-8785 hm
posted: 04/03/03

  ShyDog Design Solutions
Are you ready to get on the web? ShyDog provides a wide range of services including web design and development, virtual office, desktop publishing, graphics and photography. Competitive pricing. (253) 568-0348 / info@shydog.net / http://www.shydog.net

Offers drumming and percussion lessons online in spanish and english from professional drummers such as Bill Bruford, Ignacio Berroa, Salvador Niebla and Alex Acuña.

  Go to www.virtualdrummerschool.com to learn more.

  Cravedog CD manufacturing
Cravedog CD manufacturing offers its clients professional service with affordable pricing. You've put all your work into your music, let us take care of the rest. Come visit our website at www.cravedog.com and see how easy it can be.

  Josh Grimley
Cravedog CD Manufacturing
Toll-free: 1-866-469-9820
Cravedog Office: 503-233-7284

Great place to check out some of the best Seattle bands. They have web cast of shows, mp3's, and hour long blocks of local music organized in different categories. If your a Seattle band, this is the place to promote your music.

Musician Bulletin Board
Want to find other Musicians? Need to sell some gear? Want to Promote your band? Go to seatacmusician.com and post your message on their bulletin boards.

This is a free service for musicians networking with other musicians for various projects, bands & studio work. Call Diane 206-378-5975 or email zdiane@hotmail.com.

Olympic Records and Productions
Olympic handles booking and promoting of bands for events, weddings, parties, concerts in the Northwest and other areas. Check out their website www.iwantaband.comfor more information or e-mail them at edrums@aol.com. You can also call them at 206-634-1142.

LeftCoast Disc Golf
Resource for the Northwest Disc Golfer. Online community and the largest collection of course photos on the west coast.
Check out Left Coast and play disc!


Rehearsal Space

In Tacoma area. Band needs a space where we can practice 2-3 times a week, and keep our gear. Locks on doors are a must.
E-mail Drummie18@AOL.com

  Rehearsal Space and Kit Needed:
I am looking for a space and kit to rent in the Seattle area. If you may be of any assitance, please feel free to get in touch. Thanks.
-Max Email:amphibilian@hotmail.com

  Rehearsal Space Needed
Need to find a place that I can play my drums in and record my music. It doesn't have to be anything special, just a space. I can shower at the Gym that my work pays for, and all I'm looking for is a nice garage, or a small warehouse or something. All it needs is a roof that doesn't leak, and the ability to make a lot of noise. Any info you may be able to offer would be greatly appreciated.
John Wickett
Corbis Images,
Bellevue, Wa

  Evolution Studios Inc.
Bellevue, WA
ph# 425-641-3626

Hush Rehearsal Studios
1005 6th Avenue S

Recording Studios

Squid Records
Squid Records


Not only does Squid Records offer quality 24-track recording services for all genres of artists, we are also a full service record label. Often times an artist who has hired us for recording services has proven their abilities so handily that we have offered them a contract including reimbursement of recording costs and promotional considerations.
Rates depend on type of artist and scope of project. Contact us for further info:

  Professional Recording Services
I'm a Seattle-based music & film producer with 15+ years of experience. I work in several studios, (based on your sonic and budget requirements), and also have a very flexible remote rig that can be rolled into your gig or even a rehearsal. Bottom line- I can help you get your product out whether you're working with a large label budget or just 100 bucks. Talk is cheap- so my consultation time is free. How can you go wrong with this deal? sg
Simon Grant Unltd.
PO Box 4881
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 721-1078, office
(206) 349-8004, cell
email: SG@SimonGrant.com
web: www.SimonGrant.com

  Cravedog CD manufacturing
Cravedog CD manufacturing offers its clients professional service with affordable pricing. You've put all your work into your music, let us take care of the rest. Come visit our website at www.cravedog.com and see how easy it can be.

  Josh Grimley
Cravedog CD Manufacturing
Toll-free: 1-866-469-9820
Cravedog Office: 503-233-7284

  Harris Tours Productions
16 track digital project studio available for demos, audition tapes and full CD album projects. Tracking, mixing and 48 bit mastering.... CD of work after each session included. Good mics and warm, relaxed lounge setting.....very casual. Great vocal sound and creative. Web design, Web Radio and other industry leads to help you get your music heard at db Recording, part of HarrisToursProductions in Spanaway, Washington.
Contact at 253-847-4244 or email at WRPS1@msn.com. HarrisToursProductions.com, click on db Recording.

  Binary Recording Studio
PO Box 1520
Bellingham, WA 98227

JB Productions
13405 SE 30th St.
Bellevue, WA 98005
Contact: Jim Bachman.

On The Brink Recordings
Recording Engineer: Jason Brinkley
425-562-1993 (studio)
E-mail: brink_recordings@hotmail.com

Turtle Recording Studios
WhiteRock B.C.
Email: info@turtlerecording.com