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Seattle Drummer
I was born a piano player within the last 5 weeks of the '60s (November '69). Though I was already composing on piano by the age of 4, I found piano intolerably droll. Drums were much more interesting! So...I started mucking about on a couple drums my sister brought home from school (have no idea why!) when I was 8, imitating Peter Criss. I joined my school's concert band when I was 11, and finally bought my 1st set when I was 13 (the set I still play!).

I play a set of transition badge Ludwigs (dated June 17, 1960...12/14/20), 90th Anniversary TH&C or Millennium snare, transition badge marching snare, L&L tenor (as a 16" floor tom) from the late '20s, and lots of percussion.

My current band, Sinforosa, is a dark pop band (like the love child of a bizarre Dave Matthews Band, 10,000 Maniacs, Bauhaus love tryst) and we typically gig 3-4 times a month. We're currently recording our 2nd CD, Cellar Door Serenades.

I can be contacted at mskdrum@hotmail.com