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Seattle Drummer
I arrived in Seattle in June of 2000, took a deep breath, felt the clean air fill my smogged out lungs, and decided this is where i'd stay...Los Angeles wasn't a pleasant city...and not just because of pollution...It was quite difficult finding musicians that played from their souls and not for their pocket...I was in two gigging bands in L.A., Rakit and Gloryhole, which gave me performance experience...Prior to that however, i was the drummer for Butterfly Stitches (out of Bakersfield, CA) and composer for my electronic project Celestial Molestation...I'm 22 years old and have been playing for 11 years...Music is my release and I'm always searching for new people to collaborate with...My true love is dark, gloomy rock music but I do enjoy playing all styles...here is my number: (206) 277-8862...Please don't call me if you are a psycho...
Links to another project I worked with: www.geocities.com/prettypolemic