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Seattle Drummer
JIM KNAPP aka JaKe Jim Knapp
I started playing drums in grammar school orchestras, high school marching bands and in basements around Rochester, NY. I also studied jazz drumming with professional drummer Steve Curry, and at the Hochstein Music School in Rochester. I moved to Seattle in 1991. Since then I've played in many various professional gigs. I can play in just about any situation except punk or metal. Below is a short Seattle resume:
  • 1996: The Jesters -- Waltzes, Polkas, Swing and Dance
  • 1997-00: Boggled Minds -- Top 40 Rock and Oldies
  • 2000-02: In The House -- Funk, Rock and Blues
  • 2001-02: The CCC Jazz Quartet -- Jazz Standards and Originals
  • 2001- now: Heat Treatment -- 60's Soul
  • 2003-now: Iris Downfall -- Original New Music
  • 2004-now: PhilxPresley & The Blue Eyed Crew -- The King of Rock n Roll
I believe drummers are musicians and should be treated as such. I also believe being reliable, staying in the pocket and not over playing are a neccessity for every drummer.
I can be contacted at jkdrummer@yahoo.com