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Jer has been interested in music, and especially the drums since he was born. He studied the piano for five year, giving him a foundation for later pursuits in music. He began drum lessons at age eleven and has studied until now (at age 18). His drum lessons emphasized reading and good practice habits. He has been to state on snare drum for Junior Festival, and participated in Solo & Ensemble. During his sophomore year, he played with a band in Broad Ripple, Indiana: Two Ton Ray Gun, a cover band that played songs that were popular on the radio. In addition, the band had a few originals that were recorded on a demo. His current band, The Ex (theexband@hotmail.com), is busy making a self-recorded demo in the basement. In addition to the drums, Jer also plays guitar and composes in his free time. He is also interested in learning how to sing. Jer's family recently moved from Indiana to Seattle and is looking forward to finding a place in the music scene. He plans on pursuing a degree in Music Engineering Technology in college and eventually becoming a studio drummer/ producer.