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I wanted to play drums ever since I was 6, but my parents would not give me a drum set then. My mom just didn't want to listen to the learning curve day in and day out in our small split level house. They said I could take drum lessons when I was older, but when I was younger I took guitar lessons for about 6 months....but decided it just wasn't for me. At the age of 14 I started taking drum lessons.

Now a days I am playing in a DMB tribute band called Busted Stuff and we also write our own material. Some of the bands I enjoy listening and practicing to are Dave Matthews, Sevendust, Dream Theater, Rush, Andy Summers, Staind, Godsmack, Tool, Sting, The Police, Wild Dogs (An awesome now defunct speed metal band from Portland, Orgeon who used to feature Drummer Deen Castronovo who now plays for Journey.) and some of my favorite old unsigned Seattle bands such as Metal Church, Queensryche and Culprit. I always look for bands that feature drummers that are a little more reckless and audacious. It's kind of funny, even though I'm a big fan of Dave Matthews (and actually they are my second favorite band next to Rush), I still lean towards a more heavier style of music. But the bottom line is I've always been interested in creative drummers and creative music and that is something that the Dave Matthews Band brings to the table. I love the songwriting and Dave is a very rhythmic guitar player which I've always admired. Carter is extremely challenging drummer to try and emulate. A. He is an open handed player (something I'm still learning and one day would like to perfect.) B. He is ambidextrous, so he can play with his ride cymbal and hi hat on the left or right side of his kit, where as I only learned cross sticking and playing with the hi hat on my left and the ride on my right.

Dean Katona

Gear: (2) Yamaha Recording Custom Drums. One is a Cherry Wood color and the other is a Jet Black color. Drum Sizes: 6", 8", 10", 12" Concert Toms. 14" & 16" Floor Tom (Jet Black Set), 15" & 18" (Cherry Wood Set), 22" Bass Drum (Jet Black Set), 24" Bass Drum (Cherry Wood Set).

Percussion: LP Wind Chimes, LP Cowbell, LP Jam Block & Tambourine.

Sticks: Dean Katona is endorsed by Silver Fox Drum Sticks.. Visit their website at: www.silverfoxpercussion.com

You can contact Dean at dean@bustedstuffband.com .