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Chris G has been playing and studying drums and music for twenty-five years. Early influences included artists associated with the progressive rock genre. Bands such as Rush, Yes, and Genesis provided a wealth of inspiration. Later, as his education progressed, the electric jazz style of Chick Corea emerged as a significant factor in Chris’ musical development. Although primarily involved with the drumkit, his early experiments with tuned percussion led Chris to explore music composition. Using keyboards and sequencers, he has written several pieces in a variety of styles. Chris also enjoys songwriting in the lyrical forum, penning several hundred sets of lyrics to date.

Chris G

A thirty-four year old native of the East Coast, Chris was involved with original bands from an early age, and has recorded numerous demos and CDs. After studying with several university instructors, he relocated to the West Coast and enrolled in the Percussion Institute of Technology where he graduated with Honors in 1992. For the past seven years, Chris has made his home in the Pacific Northwest, playing with a variety of original acts. These acts have included the folk-rock of Somebody’s Daughter, the funk-rock of Glazz House, and the techno-industrial music of Thread. Chris continues to perform in live settings with casual dates, civic functions, and select venue engagements.

The main focus for Chris in the last several years has been to become more involved in the recording scene around Seattle. Clients such as singer-songwriter Greg Strickland, country-western singer Lee Anderson, guitarist-composer Yogi, and most recently the incomparable Mike Keneally have worked with Chris to produce their finished CD recordings.

Check out Chris's web site, Beat of A Different Drummer.