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Seattle Drummer
I've been playing drums my whole life. I am currently in the Seattle based band "Black Jack Betty". Featuring Keith on guitar, Eric on bass and Kivi on Lead vocal. We play locally and have shared the bill with "AttackO" and many other local acts.I just joined the band in July of '99 after moving here from NYC. I could'nt wait to get hooked up with an "in your face " Seattle band when I got here. I think BJB is accomplishing that. I play Ludwig Super-classic drums on rims drum mounts, with Zildjan cymbols. I like the Ludwig SC's because they have thin shells and are almost squared in depth. The toms are about an inch or two deeper than some other drum makes. This gives them a deep resonating sound that cuts. I also use Zildgen sticks, 5B w/nylon tips when I can get them. Pearl double bass pedal. Pearl hi-hat stand with the advantage of a swivel pedal and clutch. A custom made throne with a spring loaded back rest for high speed comfort. My influences are John Bohnam, Alan White, Greg Bissonette. My main goal is to just have fun on stage playing blistering rock music that won't let up. I think Seattle is famous for that and I want to be a part of keeping that alive. I've only lived in Seattle for about a year and a half. I'm originally from Pittsburgh, Pa. where the music scene used to be a lot like Seattle's. A lot of small clubs busting at the seams with talent. I spent two years in NYC, too BIG. I look forward to help in developing Black Jack Betty's sound and being able to enjoy the rush of playing drums forever.
You can e-mail me at Finnbill602@cs.com.