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Music has always run through the family veins. Grandmother, Mom, my sister Alicia, Aunt Pat, all played piano. Then came the organ! My Dad played bass and my sister sang like she was on fire. Remember that song “Delta Dawn, what’s that flower you have on…?” I do. Cousin Mike played guitar in a few bands. I think my other cousin Crystal played guitar or something too. I was the one that beat on cans, boxes, furniture, dashboards, etc. Then I started playing them with spoons and salad tongs! When did I get my first drum set? In 1975, my dad and I scored the first set of drums. A well used 3pc Apollo set, the ride cymbal mounted on the base drum. Bright, rich red and sprinkled with silver glitter. I played that groovy little set in the 4th grade talent show jamming to the 45rpm of "Ring my Bell," just me, my drum set, and my record player. My influences… My dad was a major influence in my life. His music career often had him playing weekends with well known artists such as Ace Cannon, Charlie Rich, Lee Atkins, John the Baptist, Dan McLure, and Dottie Fray to name a few. Eventually I played several gigs with my Dad and his band Touch of Country. Of course, I thrived on playing college radio music too! Bands like the Cult, U2, Jane’s Addiction, David Bowie, Psychedelic Furs, etc. Growing up in the 80s, I was playing with a variety of musicians and bands around town. Regular jams ranged from hardcore and punk, then back to U2 and Cult covers again. Steady gigs at classic joints like Prince Mongo's Planet, Beale Street festivals, the New Daisy Theater, the Antenna Club, etc.

Jae Gillentine

I also attended drum clinics from Alan White and Kenny Aronoff. Some of my favorite drummers include Jimmy Chamberlin, Kenny Aronoff, Alan White, Larry Mullins, Omar Hakim, Ivan de Prume, Max Weinberg, Joe Travers, Peter Chris and many others. Cool breaks to learn from. In 88ish I got a cool opportunity to be the night shift doorman at a local studio operated by producer Eli Ball. At Sounds Unreal in Memphis, I played drums on the Randy Holder demo tapes. Jack Holder, who has played with artists such as Tracy Chapman and Jimmy Jamison to name a couple, played bass with us on one track and engineered the session. I’m a Daddy! In November of 1989, my son Niles was born. In December I joined the U.S. Navy.

Back to the music… In 1998 I moved to Seattle and purchased a new kit. I reclaimed my passion for music, plunged into the local scene. Since moving to Seattle, I have been playing with Black Atmosphere, the Ninespy and Manna projects recorded at Jupiter Studios. I am currently with the Diablotones.